Health News from the BBC

  • Miliband warns of 'two-tier' NHS April 25, 2015
    Labour says leading English hospitals saw income from private patients rise by 58% since 2010 - but the Lib Dems accuse the party of "rank hypocrisy".
  • Hope over child malaria vaccine tests April 23, 2015
    Final clinical trials of a malaria vaccine - the first to reach this stage - suggest it could protect one third of children against malaria, according to data published in The Lancet.
  • 'Twin' tumour found in woman's head April 24, 2015
    California doctors have removed what they call an embryologic twin living deep inside the brain of a student who had health problems.
  • Newborn was youngest UK organ donor April 23, 2015
    A newborn baby, who lived for less than two hours, became the UK's youngest ever organ donor a year ago, it has been revealed.
  • Exercise 'not key to obesity fight' April 22, 2015
    Physical activity has little role in tackling obesity - and instead public health messages should squarely focus on unhealthy eating, doctors say.
  • Cost of agency nurses soars for NHS April 24, 2015
    Spending on agency nurses in the South West has soared from about £12m in 2010 to more than £59m in 2014, it emerges.
  • Tinnitus mapped inside human brain April 23, 2015
    For the first time, brain signals relating to the constant ringing noise of tinnitus have been mapped across a wide area inside a patient's brain.
  • Mosquito 'lured by body odour genes' April 23, 2015
    The likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes could be down to genes that control our body odour, a pilot study in Plos One suggests.
  • School rugby plan 'too dangerous' April 21, 2015
    A government drive to increase participation in rugby within English schools is ill-conceived and risks children getting hurt, doctors warn.
  • Bowel cancers 'spotted too late' April 22, 2015
    Thousands of people in England are dying from bowel cancer because their disease is not being spotted early enough, warns a charity.