Health News from the BBC

  • Obesity 'could be a disability' - EU December 18, 2014
    Obesity can constitute a disability if the health effects have an impact on people's working lives, the European Court of Justice rules.
  • Autism link to air pollution raised December 18, 2014
    A link between autism and air pollution during pregnancy has been suggested by scientists.
  • Drug allergy: Culprit protein found December 18, 2014
    Scientists uncover a single protein that could be responsible for drug allergies, on the surface of cells.
  • Car smoke ban 'to start in October' December 17, 2014
    Smoking in cars with children will be banned in England, under new laws put forward by the government.
  • Ill teenagers not to be held in cells December 18, 2014
    Teenagers experiencing mental health problems will no longer be detained in police cells as a "place of safety", Home Secretary Theresa May is to announce later.
  • Rules for babies 'from three people' December 17, 2014
    The rules for creating babies from three people - which state only two would be classed as parents - have been announced by the UK government.
  • Cancer bungle 'down to incompetence' December 17, 2014
    Inaccuracies in a hospital's cancer waiting times figures were caused by managerial incompetence rather than bullying of staff, investigators find.
  • Mental health support for mothers December 17, 2014
    Women with or at risk of mental health problems should receive extra support at all stages of pregnancy and beyond, updated NHS guidelines say.
  • Auditors question public health spend December 17, 2014
    A £2.7bn fund to improve public health in England is not always being spent where most needed, the National Audit Office says.
  • S Leone houses searched for Ebola December 17, 2014
    Sierra Leone starts house-to-house searches in the capital Freetown to find hidden cases of Ebola, at the same time restricting shop opening hours.